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Geriatric Mental Health in the country received its greatest boost for progress of the welfare of the elderly when on 3rd. May 2009 at Mumbai, saw the leading Psychiatrists in the field of Psychogeriatrics from all over India converge for arriving at a consensus on the growing need of “Establishing Psychogeriatric Clinics” in India. It was the first time in the country that the need for establishing Psychogeriatric Clinics to take care of the rising silver haired population was addressed to by these experts in Geriatric Psychiatry

The formation of the PAG (Psychogeriatric Advisory Group) and the presentations with discussion that followed was a singular achievement at this meeting. The group decided to formulate the guidelines for Psychogeriatric Care, establish a website for this information and provide training in Psychogeriatric Care to clinicians starting this endeavour at the Psychogeriatric clinics which would soon come up in the entire country with the support of AVANZA Geriacare.

The website is intended to be a forum to spread awareness of psychogeriatric care, bring a holistic approach in the treatment of Psychogeriatric disorders and allow interaction that would encompass the Psychogeriatrician, geriatric patient & their caregivers, that would definitely go a long way in improving the Quality of Life of the elderly & alleviating caregiver stress that is much needed for an integral wellbeing.

The objective of this entire Endeavour of PAG and AVANZA Geriacare is to promote the necessary skills for “Establishing Psychogeriatric clinics” & provide an interface between the healthcare providers & seekers for a better “Mental Health Status for Elders and their Carers”.


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